Young & Talented

I acted as Art Director & Stylist for a shoot with Denver’s Young & Talented artists, showcasing a collection of
up-and-coming talent that are making their mark in the DEN!
Shooting for the Mile High and Beyond!

This will be part of a social media push to publish these for Collage Magazine and for them to use for big upcomming PR projects. It is great to be a part of a team to help develop these young professionals and be with them along the way. 

Our awesome photographer was the famous Leslie Van Stelten who captured these folks on digital film for us. Click her name above to go to her website. 

Keep an eye on them, they’re going to be HUGE!

*More pics will be released once they are ready to be pushed out to social media... please stay tuned. 

International DJ: DJ Desire Dee Sanden
Chefs: Taylor West & Savanna Thoemmes
Writer, R&B Singer: Kayla Rae
Painter: Donte Janae

Push Pull
Style Style Style!

Another successful floorset for Jonathan Adler has wrapped up. Lots of back breaking work and endless styling that always seems to change. It is nice to have a collaborative relationship with headquarters on the floor plans, but also personalize the layout according to our own best sellers from the DC area.

Reading our sales trends as well as being sensitive what our own clients like to buy always help drive BIG sales and keep everyone happy. 

Final West Elm Floor Set
Summer 1 2014

Final edits of West Elm Summer Shimmer floor set. It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but Kevin and I finished --it looks amazing! We have already gotten praises that this is the best the shop has looked in a while. This makes my heart happy. To finally be doing something that I feel creatively fulfilled and see my work in full fruition.

Thank you again Kevin for being such a great friend and creative genius. We work wonders together. Big hugs man!

We both worked on the floor set and I photographed it this week to have media ready to disseminate to our local social media channels.

West Elm
2014 Summer 1 Floor set...
The Beginning

I recently accepted a job at West Elm as an Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager. We have been on a whirlwind of summer shimmer to crank out the first installment of summer 1 floor set. I have never moved or cranked out stuff quicker. It has been a great experience and lots of late nights working...

but at the end of the day, I feel exhausted and accomplished that I made something that someone loved to look at. People have been complimenting me on my plant wall and it makes me super duper happy that I'm here- doing something that I love.