Smithsonian Institute Lemelson Center
Project Manager + Design + Media

While on contract, I designed fun ephemeral print and digital marquee media for Innoskate 2013, an event that focuses on innovations in skateboarding. I also developed and maintained their social media with fun photos, podcasts, and videos that myself and some other photographers had shot for the event. LIVE video and photos were also captured the days of the event and to be used for further media projects.
Amongst these special event duties, I was also the primary Project Manager for their website/branding revamp ( it had been over 13 years since the site had been updated). Here I was able to use my project engineering, design, and IT experience to liaise between the Smithsonian IT, Lemelson Center, and Design Agency that was hired to help on the project. It was a fun project to be a part of!

Lemelson Center Website

Smithsonian - Writing Examples

Previously, contracting work for Smithsonian Institute I wrote some articles for their blog on innovation and inventions of today and tomorrow. It was a fun exercise to do some research on subjects that I love and NERD out!

I’m excited that they still have my article in the archive!

Photography: The Invention that Keeps on Giving
Inventing the Future: 3D Printing

Below: first vid has a compilation of photos taken by myself, and other photographers for the Smithsonian Innoskate 2013 event. Second vid, documents the talk with Rodney Mullen & Tony Hawk.