Isolation: Islands
Pinkard Gallery January 2010

In this project, I had the opportunity to delve into the world of three-dimensional artistry. I was able to experiment with veneering composite imagery onto topographic surfaces, which resulted in creating image constructions with a unique texture and depth. My inspiration came from daily life and screen stills from independent romance films, which I incorporated into my work.

Throughout the project, I encountered various challenges, including issues with adhesives and construction, which required me to troubleshoot and problem-solve. These obstacles proved to be a valuable learning experience, as I gained crucial skills that helped me prepare for my solo show at the Pinkard Gallery.

This project also proved to be a significant milestone in my artistic journey, as it helped me develop the necessary knowledge and expertise to tackle more complex projects. I was able to apply the skills I had learned in this project to my thesis work, which helped me produce a more polished and professional output.