MICA | Maryland Institute College of Art
2011 Thesis exhibition @Fox 3 Gallery

Undercurrent video is part of my Thesis 2011 show - Undercurrent: dandy, depressed, or deadly -depicting the gay undercurrent in old and new films throughout the years. We are exposed to and washed over by streams of images on a daily basis that has been processed and censored by others, dictating certain standards that we are supposed to live by or accept.

The gradual breakdown of the moving image that occurs in the second cycle is meant as a visual cue to show how even though the gays were censored, scripts are rewritten and mocked, they still had a voice. The audio is untouched.

︎  Mixed Media: Giclee prints on archival adhesive vinyl,
     R14 Insulation foam, acrylic paint

Temporarily in New Mexico, but can work remotely or move anywhere. OK, maybe not anywhere. LOL Let’s talk!