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Well hello there, DRLAPLZLR here, I bring a wealth of experience as a creative pluralist. My skill set encompasses marketing, digital imaging, large-format printing, graphic design, branding, social media communications, website management, and CMS/CRM. Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with industry giants like Jonathan Adler, West Elm, and Walt Disney World Co., as well as collaborating with prestigious academic institutions and non-profit organizations, including the Smithsonian Institute and NASA. My journey includes earning an MFA in Photographic & Electronic Media from The Maryland Institute College of Art. I'm truly passionate about using my diverse skill set to craft innovative solutions for clients, all while maintaining a sense of humor, even in a world that often seems to be collapsing around us.︎︎LOL

Artist Statement

The direction of my work is based upon isolation. There are good and bad things to take away from the whole experience of isolation — it can be lonely, yet empowering. I often ask myself why we go through life feeling like we have to fit in somewhere, with someone, or need something to complete us? This innate feeling of isolation or yearning for compatibility is what I constantly wrestle with, stretching my own concepts of identity and association. I am also interested in the layers of time and how episodically they occur, constantly evolving, forming new life landscapes, as well as how imagery can help to dictate certain societal standards.

The common thread that has continued to resurface in every iteration of my work has been the concept of streams of images/information. We are exposed to and washed over by streams of images on a daily basis that have been processed and censored by others, dictating certain standards that we are supposed to live by or accept. This method of parsing streams of (sometimes unrelated) images together, forms symbolic sentences that the viewer can extrapolate meaning from, mimics the frames in a film strip.

My thesis exhibition, Undercurrent: dandy, depressed, or deadly, is based upon the depiction of gay undercurrents or stereotypes in film. They have been represented as weak, well-dressed, dandies, self-loathing, suicidal, or fiendish serial killers...never depicting them as normal, rather more as entities that lurk behind the cloak of darkness and obscurity. Homosexuality has been a very taboo subject that has, until recently, been closeted and censored. My current work combines some of the veneering and layering techniques, topophotography: three dimensional, image-layered clusters, that have been used in previous work. These gay undercurrent film images are pulled apart and then rearranged in various configurations, depicting how broken the view of gays have been in film.

I am a multifaceted, cross-trained, creative pluralist bad ass who has done lots and wants to do more!

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